Math Dictionary

"POP UP" math fact practice-you can practice +, -, x, /
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Lots of math practice
Use with NWEA Math test scores
MAP Math
Free Worksheets

Compass Learning/Odyssey for HOME and SCHOOL-aligns with NWEA results
Compass Learning/Odyssey
Username: Same as always
Password: Same as H-drive
School: West Maple

Multiplication Practice
Mixed Word Problem Practice Go down to Multiplication
Multiplication Station
Diaper Derby
Carl's Cookie Capers
Cone Crazy
Snowball Fight
Car Wash
Patty's Paints
Math Wash Up!
Free fact sheets Scroll down to find fact sheets

3+ Math Class
Place Value and Rounding
Rounding Numbers to 100’s & 1,000’s
Rounding Rap
Rounding to nearest 10’s
Rounding Practice on IXL Math
Rounding Pirate Game
Learn Zillion Video:
Locate Benchmarks on a Number Line

Rounding Spaceships and Sharks

Place Value in expanded form:
Reading & Writing Numbers to the Millions-

Word Problems
Part and Total Word Problems (2-Step)
Part and Total Word Problems (3-Step)
Compare 2 Amounts (1-Step)
Compare 2 Amounts (2-Step)
Mixed Word Problem Practice

Angle information
Practice with Angles

Symmetry Video

Unit 5-Measurement
Measurement Games
Quarts to Cups
Measure it!
The Ruler Game
Ounces to Pounds
Metric Length
Metric Weight
Metric Volume

Inches to Feet
Feet to Yards

Shape surveyor

CHALLENGE: Perimeter or Area Practice
**CHALLENGE: Perimeter and Area**
Area and Perimeter